Maizal Care

Remote Health Monitoring

Your elderly’s health at your fingertips. Access and view the current health status anytime and anywhere that allows an internet connection.


Electronic Health Records

Historical health data of your elderly in secure cloud storage. Share the historical data with your elderly’s physician easily to enable better diagnostics.

Alert System

Get timely alert on your mobile device should there be any concern on your beloved elderly’s health.

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What our Users say

“Its very good. I can quickly know the health condition of my grandma and do not need to always call back to ask the helper”

Ms Wendy Caring for her 108 year old grandmother

“The health info of my aunt is now readily available and I do not need to wait for the caregiver to feedback to me on her health conditions.”

Ms Tanny Ong Senior enrolled nurse taking care of her aunt

“I find it very useful. I can just printout my past week’s vital signs and showed it to my doctor who can immediately know my condition for the past week”

Ms HC Chua Cancer Patient Undergoing Chemotherapy