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4 Types of Exercises Seniors Should Try

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It doesn’t matter how old you are, exercise plays an important role in your health. Not only can it promote a healthy lifestyle, it can also help you achieve a quality of life. There are many types of exercises seniors should try. It can help prevent many health issues that may come with ageing. As it can control your blood pressure, weight and cholesterol levels.  It can also lower chances of heart attack and stroke. In addition, regular exercise can strengthen your body and keep it limber. Helping you build stronger muscles and bones to fight against falling or other injuries. With a physically healthy body and mind, you can maintain independence while ageing. A great way for you to begin is to start slow and build your physical levels up. Here are four types of exercises for elderly.

Always consult a doctor before starting a new exercise plan. They can help create a plan that is specific to your goals and needs


Endurance, also known as cardio exercise can help improve your heart health and lower blood pressure. It is also good to use this as a start for a new exercise plan, especially for those who aren’t physically active.

When you add cardio to your exercise plan, it is better to start slowly. After which, you can gradually increase the length of the workout as your endurance builds. You can aim for 10 minutes or less per cardio session and work towards at least 30 minutes daily. Do take note that the objective is to increase your heart rate and breathing. It should not be to a point where you get too out of breath and can’t carry a conversation.

For seniors, it is better to choose low-impact exercises such as walking and cycling or. Once your cardio is built up you can try more intensive exercises. Such as climbing the stairs or jogging.

Here are some other activities you might be interested in:

  • Line dancing
  • Square dancing
  • Water aerobics


Performing strengthening exercises can help build muscles and strengthen bones. Healthy bones are essential for preventing osteoporosis. While strong muscles can help you complete everyday tasks like housework or carrying groceries. In the end, strengthening can help you achieve greater independence while ageing.

You may worry that strength exercise means lifting heavy weights. However, even small improvement in your overall muscle strength is helpful. Performing simple tasks like climbing stairs or carrying light weights can help towards improving your muscle strength.

Click here to read more about strength exercises that are great for seniors. You can also head to a senior centre that provides strengthening classes, with an added benefit of social interaction.


Have you tried to reach for something on the top shelves but find it hard? Maintaining flexibility through stretching exercises can help with your freedom of movement. Additionally, you should always stretch before your endurance and strength routine.

You can join exercise classes that focus on flexibility like yoga or tai chi classes. However, if you want something simpler you can visit Elder Gym for simple stretching exercises seniors can do at home.


Balance can help decrease the risk of falling, which can cause serious injuries. According to Singapore Health Promotions Board, one-third of senior citizens above 60 have recurring falls. In turn, improving balance can help you live a safer and independent life while giving your loved ones a peace of mind.

There are some simple exercises for elderly to improve balance. Some can be performed without the need for specialised equipment. You can try standing on one foot or walking heel-to-toe, by placing your heel directly in front of the toes of your opposite foot as you walk. You can also incorporate this heel-to-toe method into your cardio routine.

Click here for a list of balancing exercises you can do at home with minimal equipment.

Try to incorporate these different types of exercises into your daily routine. But always remember to consult a doctor before you start. You can do your balancing exercises when you’re waiting for the coffee to brew or go for a short walk with your family after dinner. These exercises can help you start living a healthy lifestyle and age well.

Additionally, exercising during the day can also help you sleep better at night. Read up more on how to sleep well here.

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