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5 Healthy Tips When Eating Out

when eating out

When you are cooking at home it is easy to ensure your meal is healthy and nutritious. After all, you are the one preparing it. But what happens when eating out? You won’t have full control over what and how the food is being prepared. For some of us, it happens a few times every week. It doesn’t mean you have to sabotage your healthy diet. There are steps you can take to make sure your health goals are not hindered.

The next time you are headed to a restaurant make sure to follow these tips when eating out.

Read The Menu Beforehand

You can start to plan for your healthy diet at home before you’ve even reached your chosen restaurant. Most restaurants have an online menu available on their websites. So, when eating out, make sure to give it a check, especially if you are not familiar with the menu. Pick something that suits your healthy diet and with that in mind, order it once you arrive.

You might fall into the trap of making unhealthy choices when you are hungry or distracted. Even the sight and smell of food can cause you to veer off your health plans. As such, when eating out and knowing what to eat beforehand, can help avoid making unhealthy decisions you might regret later.

Fill Up Before You Go

When eating out, you might end up ordering too much if you arrive hungry. One tip to avoid this is to fill your belly up before you get there.

Eat some low-calorie foods that are high in protein. A small handful of almonds or a cup of yoghurt can go a long way in helping you to avoid overeating.

Additionally, you can also drink some water before your meal. It’s even better if you can swap the sugary drinks during meals with water. A study has shown that people drinking at least 500 ml of water before meals ate lesser calories and lost more weight than those who didn’t.

Swap For Health

Once you’ve ordered your meal, you can ask the restaurant to swap the sides. Be assertive and do not let the restaurants negatively affect your healthy diet when eating out. Instead of fries or potatoes, ask for a salad or more vegetables. The vegetables can give you essential nutritional values and cut caloric intake.

You can also try skipping dessert for a cup of coffee. This can seriously cut the calories that come from the sugar-filled dessert. By drinking coffee, you can also get some of its health benefits. For example, coffee can help boost your metabolic rate which helps to burn fat. In addition, coffee also contains great amounts of antioxidants. All of which can help you achieve a healthy diet.

Eat Slowly

It takes around 20 minutes for your brain to get the message from your stomach that you are not hungry. In turn, when eating out or not chew slowly to avoid overeating. It can help you improve fullness and in turn, might help with weight loss. A survey has shown that those who described themselves as fast eaters tend to be heavier than their slow eating counterparts.

Control Portions

When eating out, the restaurants might serve large portions, sometimes enough for more than one person. Studies have shown that when people are given bigger portions, they will likely overeat. As such, eat a smaller portion and bring leftovers home for your next meal. Or, order an appetizer in place of the main course and add a small soup or salad.

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