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Elderly Care in Singapore: What Are Your Options? Part II

Technology Helping the Elderly

In a recent article, we explored some of the options available in Singapore when it comes to elderly care. We saw the differences between elderly care homes, elderly day care centres and elderly home care. They are all excellent options when it comes to your elderly loved ones. However, knowing which one is right for your family is a personal choice. This choice must be made with information and thought. In addition to the options we mentioned before, there are even more to choose from as the elderly care industry in Singapore continues to grow and develop. Caregivers are now looking at technology helping the elderly to improve their quality of care.

A Community Approach

There are many local community centres developed specifically with the needs of the elderly in mind. Some offer elderly day care options as well as respite for caregivers. Such services help caregivers as they can become overworked and stressed from the additional workload of caring for an elderly. Associations such as Dementia Free Singapore and the AIC Wellness Programme offer various programs and services designed to make elderly care more effective.

Stay-In Care

Stay-in care is also an excellent option for elderly. Elderly may want to live at home but sometimes need more care than family or at-home caregivers can provide. The elderly can stay in short-term hospital or medical facility. They are cared for 24/7 by a team of medical professionals in such facilities. Such inpatient care can help them get the care they need to recover sooner.

Care-Giver Respite

Another industry focus is on the health and well-being of the caregivers themselves. Caregivers work hard to provide adequate care for the elderly and many can suffer from exhaustion or burn out. The care they provide is not only physically overwhelming but can affect them mentally and emotionally as well. To provide effective elderly care, caregivers themselves will need looking after too. This is to ensure they are able to provide the best care possible.

5 Ways Technology Helping the Elderly

Social Connection – video chat and social media can keep the elderly in touch with long-distance loved ones as well as healthcare professionals who can answer any questions they might have. This type of technology is great for elderly living alone.

Safety – Technology can help elderly who are living alone. Seniors living alone can get help with a Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) device which has shown to be effective at saving the lives of seniors who have had an accident or other medical emergencies.

Exercise and mental alertness – video game systems enable the elderly to play games designed to keep both their minds and their bodies active.

Medication Management – smartphone apps are available that can help track medications, alert the user when to take a medication and offer specific information on a wide range of medications.

Health Tracking – One of the best technology for seniors are online tools. They are available and can simplify the process of maintaining and accessing health information. While making it easier to connect with their primary physician as well. 

Choosing elderly care for a loved one can be stressful. Family members should choose an option that best suits their loved one’s needs. Whatever option they choose, there are technologies available to make life easier. These technologies aid to ensure they get the care they need. This can make the decision less stressful and relieve some of the anxiety.

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