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Elderly Care in Singapore: What Are Your Options? – Part I

Elderly Care in Singapore

There are a lot of different options when it comes to elderly care in Singapore. It is not always easy to know which route is the best one to take. Each individual has very different needs and some require more care than others. Luckily, those requiring care can now enjoy a greater quality of life with stay-in caregivers. Technology can further help to improve the quality of care.

Elderly Care Homes

Elderly care homes are some of the most popular forms of elderly care in Singapore. This is because they offer a great quality of life to those who need a little extra assistance in their old age. Individuals have the advantage of living in a facility that’s able to cater to their every need. On top of that, they have the freedom to socialize with friends. Most elderly care homes offer private rooms and a number of group activities. One of the main benefits of an elderly care home is that the individuals staying there have round the clock care from medical professionals and trained caregivers.

Day Care for Elderly

Daycare centres are most popular among elderly individuals who do not want to give up their own property in order to go into a care home. These abled elderly however may still need assistance with day to day care. Daycare centres offer many of the same things elderly care homes do, without the option to stay overnight. These facilities are ideal for those who struggle to get out and about seeing friends. These facilities can also help to combat loneliness.

Home Care for Elderly

Arguably the most popular and best option for taking care of the elderly in Singapore is home care. It is in-home care where the elderly can age in the comfort of a familiar environment. Home care allows individuals to remain in their home, keep their independence and it provides a great deal of freedom. In addition, a caregiver can be engaged to help whenever it’s needed; this could stay out caregivers engaged on once a week, once a day or much more often. They can also stay in caregivers that can provide round the clock care to the elderly. Elderly home care can be tailored to suit the individual needs of the person being cared for. This makes it a fantastic option for a quality of life perspective.

A family member or guardian who hired caregivers can be easily kept up to date with any important information of the elderly with the help of technology. The added convenience that technologies such as Maizal Care bring to the family member provides peace of mind and can reduce a lot of the stress associated with elderly care in Singapore. Part 2

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