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Elderly Care Technologies: Home Care Professionals Experience What It’s Like to Be Old

Elderly Care Technologies

In Singapore elderly home care is becoming a fast-growing industry. The focus on caregivers’ training has become increasingly important. Singapore’s elderly home care providers can learn how to take care of their elderly clients. However, understanding what they are going through is a different thing. This is how a future technology for elderly care can help. We can’t physically switch places with our elderly clients. But, innovative elderly care technologies like virtual reality is making it possible for caregivers to experience what it’s like to be old. Therefore, this gives them a chance to face some problems the elderly endure on a daily basis.

Virtual Reality Making More Effective Care Possible

One such Virtual reality program is Embodied Labs’ “We Are Alfred”. The program makes it easier for medical students to experience what it is like to be 74 years old. For example, they can experience audio and visual problems suffered by some elderly patients. This technology is spilling over into other fields in the medical and home care industry.

Carrie Shaw, the program’s creator, stated that “[Medical students] are usually in their early 20s and not experiencing those kinds of challenges yet, so we decided to create something that would give them the experience of what it might be like to go through the ageing process,”

Using a virtual reality headset, headphones and a hand-tracking device, users become immersed in live-action situations. These situations are from the perspective of someone who suffers from audio or visual impairments. This helps the eldercare provider to understand what their patients are going through. Hence, it could make them more empathetic about their needs.

In Singapore, the average age gap between elderly home care patients and their health care providers is wide. Virtual reality can bridge that gap, allowing eldercare services to provide a higher level of care for patients. With it, their elderly patients can feel understood and better cared for.

Other technology for the elderly

Virtual reality is just one of the healthcare technology for elderly, that improves the effectiveness of their care.

Additionally, abnormal vital sign changes can serve as a warning signal to deterioration of the elderly’s health.  Applications such as Maizal Care was created to assist in this issue, providing a technological edge to home caregivers when tending and monitoring their patients.

Pairing vital signs monitoring devices to a digital app, caregivers can view summarized health status of their elderly patient after measuring. In turn, they can detect symptoms of health deterioration early, and administer treatments or preventative measures. Furthermore, relatives of the elderly can also access their health summaries, giving them a peace of mind.

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