Aging In Singapore

Growing Old In Singapore

Growing Old in Singapore

Aging at Home

If we are lucky; each and every one of us will grow old. In Singapore, there have been vast improvements in medicine, social care and facilities to make life easier. As a result, we are experiencing a nationwide rise in the average age of our population, just the same as the rest of the world.

But what does that mean for the individual, and for their families? Is growing old in Singapore something to look forward to, or something to dread? Exactly how much help and support are out there, and where can we find the best advice and guidance? Can we stay in our own homes when we might need support for things we once were able to do freely?

The good news is that it is more realistic than ever before to remain in our own homes. We can do so with more comfort and independence than ever before. There are more care providers giving aid to the elderly in Singapore, offering excellent well trained and specialised support. A whole range of available technologies is also available to help the individual and their families with day to day activities. We can have peace of mind knowing that our loved ones are safe and well even though we are.


It is relatively easy to hire a live-in caregiver to tend to the needs of the elderly at home. These caregivers are typically from neighbouring areas such as the Philippines, Myanmar and across Indonesia.  However, it is worth checking thoroughly on the level of training these support staff may have had. The 1Care Employment Agency is dedicated to empowering their clients with the information needed to access the very best levels of care and support., With a wealth of resources, they can offer advice and guidance for individuals and their families.

Technology at Play

Technology can play a key role in maintaining independence and quality of life. Allowing an elderly to live alone confidently and safely. Facilities such as stair-lifts, communication systems and mobility aids help to provide a greater degree of independence; helping the individual to age with comfort and dignity, in their own homes. Now, we are seeing a shift towards even more state of the art solutions involving information technology; with applications (such as the one from Maizal) offering a monitoring into the various aspects related to health when used together with the partnering hardware. Trials are also carried out to determine the usefulness of remotely monitoring of daily activity of the elderly at home. Alerts are sent when there is a prolonged period of inactivity.

Growing old in Singapore should be a time of life to look forward to and enjoy. With the advancement in technology helping every aspect of our lives; growing old in Singapore can be a journey filled with positivity, peace of mind, dignity and, above all else; independence in our own homes. 

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