Health Index Score

Health Index Score

The risks of unplanned admission into the hospital is quite high and could sometimes be life-threatening. But that’s not all; the cost implication is also very high. And it’s also been reported that more than 20% of patients often get readmitted into the hospital within 30 days.

The good news is that there are now more effective ways to significantly reduce readmission to hospitals – especially now that healthcare cost continues to be on the rise. One particular way to keep your rate of hospital visitation on the low is through an innovative system called the “health index score” which tracks your health records over time.

The health index score is a practical tool that effectively assesses your readmission risk. The indexing software collates information from your Maizal Care App/ devices and provides a continuously updated score indicating the likelihood of your readmission within 30 days.

The score, which is essentially what you keep tabs on, is automatically calculated using routine data from your vital signs, skin condition, heart rhythm, routine nursing assessments and laboratory tests. The health index score is measured between 1 – 100, and a lower score indicates a higher risk of readmission.

WHY Health Index Score?



The score presents your caregivers and physicians with a more unobstructed view of your health condition allowing them to make better-informed decisions and treatment options available.


The ability to quickly detect subtle signs of health decline avails your physician an opportunity to intervene early before your condition deteriorates.


The index lets you know when your health is declining. You can then quickly seek medical attention before hospital admission becomes necessary, thus saving you emergency healthcare cost.