Maizal Care App

Maizal Care App

The App That Does More For Your Health

Monitoring and tracking your vital signs daily may seem pointless without any feedback to show your general health status. With Maizal Care you can finally track vital signs, analyse the data and provide a general health summary.

Health At Your Fingertips

Monitor What’s Vital

Track your blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, and blood oxygen levels. Get a quick overview of your vitals and health status from the dashboard conveniently.

Know What’s Vital

Your measured vital signs will analysed and colour-coded into green, orange and red. Letting you know which vatal sign is in need of attention.

View What’s Vital

Gain inprecedented insight to individual vital signs in a detailed graph chart. Share it with your healthcare professionals giving them better data to make better decissions.

Go Beyond Monitoring With Health Analytics

Through our proven health analytics used in major hospitals around American, all your recorded vitals can now be compiled into a easy to understand health index score and summary.

Your compiled health data will be analysed to generate a health-score of 0-100 . Receive alerts when your health score is deteriorating allowing you to take early precautions.

*For paid subscribers only