Maizal Care

Taking Caregivers To The Next Level

Hiring a normal caregiver can be a simple process but what happens after the caregiver is chosen? You begin to worry about the health of your loved ones when you leave home. Let us eliminate that worry. With caregivers trained in using our technology, you can now monitor the health status of your beloved elderly and enjoy a peace of mind. Don't just look for a normal caregiver look for one with Maizal Care at 1Care Employment Agency.


Simplicity and Peace of Mind

Alerts when there is concern

Receive alerts when your loved elderly’s health show signs of concern. Receive alerts when there has not been updates for the day.

Simple to Understand Health Summary

You do not need to be a medical expert to make sense of all the health data collected. Simple to understand summary gives you a quick view into the current health status of your loved elderly.

Multiple Data View

Choose to have a detailed view of the historical health data or a easier to understand trend chart. You can also share the data simply with your elderly’s physician by emailing him a copy of the detailed record.

Secure Cloud Storage

With cloud storage, you can access data easily from anywhere with an internet connection. All communications between server and devices happen in an encrypted link. Also, for added peace of mind, a 256-bit encryption protects all personal information of the user. In addition, a custom security layer further protects the personal data of your loved ones.

Monitor and Track What Matters

Vital Signs

Wirelessly updates vital signs such as heart rate, blood pressure, temperature and blood oxygen levels.

Daily Intake

Track and monitor daily intake in order to ensure proper nutritional intake.

Daily Output

Monitor daily output for any signs of concern due to dehydration or build up of toxins.


Get On Maizal Care

The full solution containing the accompanying devices is only available through our preferred partner, 1.Care Employment Agency. You may also download the App through Google Play Store and get in touch with our preferred partners or Contact Us to find out how to get the full functionality of Maizal Care.