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Why Monitor Blood Pressure Daily Is Important For Hypertension

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If you have hypertension, you already know that daily blood pressure monitoring is important. But do you know why your doctor has recommended that you measure your blood pressure every day? Many patients don’t, they simply follow their physician’s instructions without thinking twice.

If you are considered “at risk” for hypertension, your doctor will request that you purchase an at-home blood pressure monitoring device so you can track your blood pressure and provide your physician with the data.

4 Reasons for Daily Blood Pressure Monitoring

Diagnosing hypertension- the most common reason for daily blood pressure monitoring is to diagnose hypertension. If you have symptoms of hypertension, your doctor can begin treatment sooner if he sees the symptoms sooner. These symptoms can include consistently higher than normal blood pressures readings.

Identifying White Coat Hypertension- white coat hypertension is known as situational high blood pressure. Daily blood pressure monitoring can rule this out as a symptom of hypertension. White coat hypertension is typical for many people when they are in a high stress situation. Doctors will advise patient to keep track of actual blood pressure readings so they can create a baseline for comparison.

Monitoring results of treatment- if you have high blood pressure, your doctor might prescribe a medication to lower your blood pressure. By monitoring your blood pressure daily and sharing the data to your physician, allow them to see the effectiveness of medication prescribed.

Observing the patient- perhaps you do not have hypertension and you have other ailments such as diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease or hyperthyroidism. Your doctor will want to monitor your condition so they can adjust your medications or provide emergency help when needed. Different complications require different blood pressure readings and what is normal/good for other, might not be for you.

Choosing A Blood Pressure Monitor For Home Use

Choosing the right blood pressure monitoring device for home use is important. Be sure to find one that is high quality, portable enough to carry around with you and easy to use. The Performance Monitor from BodiMetrics reads a wide range of vitals including ECG, Heart Rate, Respiration Rate, Systolic Blood Pressure, Blood Oxygen and Temperature and is designed to provide reports that show current and historical records of users.


Bodimetrics Performance Monitor

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