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Sleeping for heart health

Sleep for Heart Health

Sleep is important for the heart health. Quality sleep can help to decrease mental issues and inflammation in our body. Sleep brings balance and can counteract the strains of our daily lives and it can also improve our mental acuity and cognitive performance. Sleep is also critical to ensuring that your heart stays healthy and if you lack sleep, you are at higher risk of suffering from heart disease. Having enough sleep is thus important for good heart health.

Many people sleep less than six hours each night and this makes them twice as likely to have a heart attack compared to people who sleep 7 or 8 hours each night. An occasional nap may also  decrease the risks for various coronary heart issues by almost 12 percent.

Take a Nap

In fact, people who nap regularly could have 37 percent lower chance of having heart attack. Try to take a for about 30 minutes a day, three times per week. It is not fully understood why a lack of sleep affects our heart. Researchers suspect that having too little sleep causes various disruptions to normal body functions. Such disruption may affect blood pressure, blood sugar levels and hormonal balance.


Sleep problems may also cause weight gain. In a test, one group is asked to sleep for 7 to 8 hours, while another group is asked to sleep for 5 or 6 hours.  The test group (with 5 or 6 hours of sleep) ate an average of 560 extra calories. This group don’t necessarily burn more calories from additional physical activities. If this rate of consumption is maintained, these people may gain about four pounds each week. Also, people who have sleep problems often suffer from endothelial dysfunction which is a blood vessel disorder that can contribute to an elevated risk of heart disease. Sleep apnea is a condition that can affect the health of your heart, because this could cause people to wake often throughout the night.

Disrupted Sleep

People with disrupted sleep often have higher blood pressure, making it more likely for them to have heart attacks. If you have a prolonged sleep problem, it is important to adjust your daily activities and schedule. Your health is an important asset and you need to invest in your health by getting enough sleep each day.

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