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Why Is It Important To Monitor Vital Signs?

Vital signs

The purpose of taking vital signs is used to show the status of your body’s key functions. In turn, both doctors and nurses have used it as a go-to indicator of our health conditions.

Everyone understands the importance of visiting your doctor for a check-up. However, most do not realize that an annual check-up or heading to the doctors when you’re feeling sick is not enough. To lead healthy lifestyle and age gracefully, it’s important that monitoring our vital signs regularly is not overlooked, especially as you age. The name itself is already a big indicator as to why it is important. These signs are “Vital” to us because it provides an insight into our health.

How can you do it?

Luckily, you can monitor vital signs on your own easily. For starters, there are many downloadable health apps on your phone. These apps typically provide very basic vital signs monitoring like SP02 and heart rate. For those who wish to measure a wider range of vital signs. You may also consider getting any of the medical devices for more dependable readings. A host of such devices is readily available to measure most of your vital signs easily. 

Benefits of regular vital signs monitoring?

Regular monitoring of your vital signs has the potential to pay off greatly for your health and well-being. With constant measurements of your vitals, doctors may be able to paint a clearer picture of your general health or existing conditions. As such, it gives them the ability to better detect signs of underlying health issues and act earlier. This can potentially avoid costly emergency room visits or hospitalization down the road.

You can think of it like using your phone. When the batteries are running out it will trigger a message saying, “low battery”. In turn, it allows you to right the problem early on, and charge it before the phone dies out. Similarly, when your vital signs measurements are unsatisfactory, they can indicate that you have “low health”. This gives you the chance to take personal steps like changing certain lifestyle habits or seek out advice from professionals. 

Types of vital signs

Each vital sign has its normal range for an individual. Be sure to understand them in order know how healthy you are.

Pulse Rate – This indicates your number of heart beats per min. According to healthcare professionals, a healthy pulse rate is from 60 to 100 beats per min. It may be used to monitor your pulse during physical activities or track the health progression for those with heart conditions.

Blood Pressure –  Blood pressure shows is the force of your blood exerted against the walls of major arteries. According to professionals, it should be less than 120/80 mm Hg. you may be able to detect symptoms of high blood pressure also known as hypertension. The “silent killer” another name for hypertension is extremely dangerous as it is usually symptomless. However, signs of this disease can potentially be detected through regular monitoring.

Temperature – Taking temperature may seem insignificant, but doing it can help understand your body better. By regularly monitoring you can determine your body’s normal and abnormal temperature range. In turn, you can seek out medical advice when your body’s temperature hits an abnormal range.

Respiration Rate –  This vital sign is the measurement of breaths per min. The normal rate for an adult is 16 to 20 breaths per min. If your respiratory rate is out of the normal range, it may be a sign of underlying medical conditions. You can stay ahead of these conditions by monitoring your respiration rate and detect breathing irregularities.

Monitoring vital signs regularly is an easy habit that everyone can benefit from. It has the potential to act as an early warning signal for underlying health issues. Additionally, you can provide more information about your general health to doctors, allowing them to make better-informed decisions.

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